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Author:  DollyAdmin [ Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Forum rules

Hello and Welcome to Dollmania Forum

Just a short note to let you know you must register with this forum before you are able to view the full table of content.

In addition to complying with the Terms of Service Agreement, Doll Mania Administration expects our members to abide by the following courtesies. Failure to do so may result in editing of your post(s) by our Moderator/Administrator team. Continued failure to respect our forum courtesies will be interpreted as disruption and may result in suspension and/or banning at the discretion of Doll Mania management as described in the Terms of Service Agreement:

1)Please Play Nice! this board operates a zero tolerance policy on negative posting towards other members and reserves the right to remove/edit any posts it deems to be negative and to suspend/terminate membership without prior notice

2)No swearing or vulgarity is permitted in usernames, thread or page titles, or avatars

3)Account sharing or creating an account on behalf of another person is not permitted on this forum. Such accounts will be supended/terminated without prior notice

4)we will not tolerate members using this forum to tout for members or to gather information about another forum member/this board to use in a negative manner on any other forum. We reserve the right to remove any member who does this without prior notification

5)All members are asked to post within 7 days of joining this forum. we do realise everyone has different commitments and cannot post as frequently as they may like but we would like the opportunity to get to know everyone. Members are required to post a minimum of 4 times per month excluding for sale/swap/trade posts.

6) Bullying in anyway, shape or form will not be tolerated on this forum, we reserve the right (after all parties have had the opportunity to give their view) to suspend/ban any member found to be doing this, either by open post or PM message. If any member is the victim of bullying please contact either the site Admin or Moderator team immediately, all contact will be dealt with in a sympathetic and confidential manner

7) user name must be a recognisable name, also not a series of numbers, real name, nursery name are all fine

8 All items for sale must be the property of the member selling

9) It is against the rules of this forum to copy photographs without prior permission of the owner

10) Membership of this forum is solely at the discretion of the forum administrater/moderators, members must be over 18

Author:  morning dew [ Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forum rules

Thank you so much for spending the NIGHT setting up this site up for us ...We really Do Appreicate this .... Hugs ...Val xxx

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